About me

Julia StrelowMy name is Julia Strelow.
Professionally and personally I have experienced some reboots, 22 years ago I moved from my hometown Munich to Hamburg. Here I raised my two daughters (so I know the structures of the Hamburg kindergartens and schools very well).

After many years of working as a Journalist and Public-Relations-manager, I had the opportunity to work as a German as a foreign language-teacher in recent years. In this connection I have met many interesting and friendly people from all over the world.

It has been extremely fascinating, exchanging experiences and idiosyncrasies from various countries. This has frequently resulted in the situation where my foreign students have asked me for advice and help on various matters, irrespective of whether or not they already had a relocation-service.

I very much hope to support and help as many foreigners as possible - it's nice to see Europe slowly growing together and to be able to contribute to this!