Rent a flat

Where can I find the right home for me and my family? Which district is suitable? How much is a reasonable rent? When and to whom are deposits and possible commissions payable? Or you already live in a rental apartment and have questions or problems ....


Account opening or closing, checking account, savings account, bank drafts, money transfer, etc. Which bank is suitable, what should you take into account, what rules and deadlines are important?
Home insurance, liability insurance, legal expenses insurance ....... Germany is the country when it concerns insurance - unfortunately there are also many that are unnecessary, or not suitable for everyone. I will help you to find the right one for you.

About cars

You are looking for or already have a car and need to register, modify or deregister it? Where can this be done, what deadlines must be respected, when to perform the MOT test of your vehicle, which insurance is the right one for you, just liability, partially comprehensive insurance or full comprehensive insurance? Or are you looking for a cheap and reliable car repair shop?

School and Kindergarten

Which school or kindergarten is suitable for your children? If you have specific wishes - do you want your child to attend a normal or an international school, or a multilingual kindergarten? Are there deadlines, what to look for?
Health insurance / medical care
You are looking for a specific medical service, but do not know where to find them? Looking for a doctor who speaks your language or you want an additional health insurance as your legal one does not cover all the services that are important for you? Which is the right one and how much it may cost?

Administrative procedures

You need an extension of stay, you must register or re-register, you need important identification documents, a forwarding request, you need to present your tax declaration?

Leisure and Hobbies

You want to get to know Hamburg better, or you look for the right environment for special occasions, you want to visit the most beautiful corners? Or are you looking for you or your family for the best clubs for games, sports and leisure?