ReferenzIf you do not speak fluent German, do not have any clue about German law and you are lost in your relocation and support of your current relocation agent is not of help- Julia is the perfect person to solve your problems.
She helped us a lot with closing our rental contract which our professional relocation agent could not handle. She took over representing us and negotiated so at the end we avoided costly renovations and she managed that fully independently as we were already in different country. She knows German law and also how to handle situations with people that may want to use your lack of knowledge.
Julia is passionate about what she is doing and she is successful. I wish we have such relocation suport from the beginning. - Anna Sparty


ReferenzHi Foreigners!
Ha! Me too, I feel as a foreigner after almost 3 years living in Germany. Don’t get me wrong, people are very nice, especially in Hamburg and the quality of life the city provides is great, but it is still not as at home.
I have a good job and speak a little German and though I would manage everything by my own, but having a baby in Germany is a challenge in terms of all administration work. Julia was great help for me when it comes to apply for the Eltern- und Kindergeld.  And trust me – it is worth to get it! She supported me with filling out all forms and sending it to the correct institution as well as taking care about the follow up as the answer was not coming so fast. Thank you Julia
Ps. My daughter is also Julia – hope she will be also such a great person! All the best - Malgosia Hiron


ReferenzOnce I came to Germany and for almost 24 months I had a relocation service company. They were nice people and were very helpful (as I thought). Then I realized that they were doing my documents in the easiest way for them not in the best way for me, for example if I asked them for a car insurance they will simply do it with first solution available, I think this way anyone can do, and it doesn’t require any experience. But from my point of view this kind of service need more effort, as I don’t want only insurance but I wanted a good insurance with good price, as I don’t want to pay much money where many other options are available. Then I met Julia as she was my German teacher, she is a strict woman with very friendly attitude, she is a real life professional with very good experience in dealing with others. she was my Guard Angel, as she helped me understand the system a lot, and assist me to do many stuff and sometimes she didn't allow me to do some deals because she knows that I can get better offer with better options and so we did.
Julia is someone who serves other people with passion as if she’s doing it for herself, and I would highly recommend Julia for anyone who has difficulty with the German system, or wants to start a new life in Germany, she will fight for your right, and will make the right choice in your behalf.
 I’m pleased to know Julia, she is not only my German teacher but a good friend and as I said she is my Guardian Angel in Germany. -Jasem Elayeb


When I arrived in HH one year ago, I realized that, despite basic knowledge of German language, I needed support in day-to-day issues.
Fortunately, a colleague from work gave me details of a person who supported people arriving in HH. That is how I received Julia`s phone number.
I must admit that it was lucky coincidence. Not only did Julia help me to find most attractive mobile phone and cable TV offers, but also she supported when selecting travel insurance when going skiing in Italy. I am very happy with her advisory and I know that I can count on her in case of need.
I truly recommend her as very friendly and knowledgeable person, able to provide city insights and good tips to newcomers in HH. - Krystian Zychlewicz


ReferenzMy name is Gael HIRON, I’m a French citizen living in Hamburg for more than 2 years.
After one year working in Hamburg I needed to look for new job. I didn’t know the market and didn’t feel confident with the German recruiting process.
Julia assisted me at each step of the recruiting process: creation of curriculum vitae and cover letter according to German standards (trust me they are totally different then e.g. the French ones), training  for interview, revision of the employment contract, etc.
Her experience and advice were very helpful. Without her I would not have find a second job as quickly as I did. Thank you very much Julia. - Gael Hiron